Noboribetsu journey. Aquarium and ninja village, and hot springs. Onsen edition. I obstructed Sekisui-tei.

Noboribetsu journey. Aquarium and ninja village, and hot springs. Onsen edition. I obstructed Sekisui-tei.

Speaking of hot springs in Hokkaido, Noboribetsu.

The first name in Hokkaido’s hot springs, it will be no exception.
It is famous for various  hot springs to be found.
It has been 150 years since Hokkaido and Takeshiro Matsuura were named. There is a record that Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura stopped by Noboribetsu in 1845. In Hokkaido there are many place names derived from the Ainu language. Noboribetsu is also derived from “Nupurupetsu” meaning a deep river of light blue color. “Petsu” means the river. “Bezu” which is often found in place names in Hokkaido is derived from “Petsu”.

Noboribetsu is a hot spring after all.

Next to the Noboribetsu village, we head for hot springs. It was already in the evening and I searched for a hot spring which is hurry. I asked the person who had a long history in Hokkaido beforehand, but I heard that there is not much facilities to enter on a day trip. As I was looking forward to the hot springs, I was a little disappointed.

But when I examine it, I found the information that I released the hotel hot spring until the evening. After all, there is hardly any public day-trip hot-spring facility. There is only one case, “Yumemoto Sagiriyu”.

Yumemoto Sagiriyu

As a hotel, even before check-in in the evening it can be handled without being a trouble for the customer, so it may be no problem. If it is a hot spring in the hotel, the washroom is also clean and (one of the points that my wife’s emphasis places is a washroom.) I thought that crowding was not so bad, I chose it.

I chose … this hot spring! It is Noboribetsu Sekisuitei.


As a hot spring in Noboribetsu it is located relatively far back. There was little parking lot, we parked in a place with 1 car on the last minute. The landmark is an object of a Japanese demon “Ao one”, because it was dark, it is quite powerful.

Guests with day-trip bathing will be accepted at the front desk. There was a Chinese group who visited by the bus in the lobby and we predicted the crowdedness of the bath.

The price of bathing is 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for children. I think that it is cheap if you put it in one Noboribetsu Onsen of a famous hot spring resort at this price. Because photography is prohibited inside the bath, there are no pictures. Excuse me. The hot spring is on the top floor of the main building and the annex building, the main building is indoors, the annex is indoors and outdoor bath. Sometime this evening was Sunday evening, there were ten in a 100 m long bath next to it. I am glad that it was not crowded.

From Sekisuitei HP

The bath here is a sulfur hot spring, slightly smelling of sulfur. It was carefully entered, so the body warmed very much. There are two open-air baths and a bowl-shaped bath on the far side of the photo. I was really relaxed with a refreshing wind and warm hot water.

On the way back … I will have ice cream.

I also like to visit Noboribetsu again because there are hot springs to take in one day.

A few years ago, I am visiting Noboribetsu as a traveler. I thought I should have enjoyed various fountain qualities around the hotel if it would be included in the baths of other hotels. At that time I stayed at Hotel Mahoroba. There was a slide in the stalls bath, the 3 – year – old son slid and wept.

Hotel Mahoroba

Day tripable facilities and spring quality
Noboribetsu can enjoy various spring quality.

Finally I will summarize the facilities that can take a day trip and the quality of spring.

Noboribetsu Manseikaku Adult 1100 yen Child 550 yen

Spring Quality: Acidity – Sulfur – Aluminum – Sulfate – Chloride Hot Spring (Hydrogen Sulfide Type)

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel Adult 1500 yen Child 500 yen

Izumi quality: salt fountain, iron spring, sulfur spring

Daiichi Takimoto Hall Adult 2000 yen Child 1000 yen

Fountain quality: salt salt spring, sodium bicarbonate spring, acidic greenbunn spring, acidic hydrogen sulfide spring, yellow bean spring

As the cost of staying is more than 15,000 yen in hotels, it is better for people who are unable to consecutive night visit other hotels and enjoy a lot of fountain quality .