Noboribetsu journey. Aquarium and ninja village, the end is a hot spring after all. Not a Ninja village It was a Noboribetsu Date Judaimura edition


Noboribetsu journey! Although hot springs are famous, I went to Noboribetsu Date Judaimura as an event for children.

I thought that I was a ninja village, but it was the Noboribetsu Date Judaimura. Nikko Edomura character’ Nyan Mage ‘appears in brochures and so on, so it seems to be a sister facility with Nikko Edomura. After leaving behind Noboribetsu Marine Parknics I wrote on my previous blog, I headed to the Noboribetsu Date Judaimura.

Speaking of Ninja Village · · · I think that the Nikko Edomura is famous,
There is also Noboribetsu which is famous for hot springs.

Noboribetsu Date Village homepage


The Noboribetsu Marine Park Nikus I wrote in my last blog was near the sea, but Ninja Village is located on a hill climbing a little. It is likely to park 300 parking lots. There is a relatively large margin, but if you go late it will stop at the back.

Introducing the Noboribetsu Date Judaimura

There is a bus from Noboribetsu station. Take the Donan bus “Go To Futetsu Entrance” and get in front of the main gate. At the entrance there is a lot of atmosphere red gates and you will purchase admission tickets at the left side window. Adults 2,900 yen, children 1,500 yen, infants 600 yen. The parking fee is 500 yen.

There is a souvenir shop at the entrance. We also sell plenty of swords and ninja goods made of plastic. The first thing to buy is to disturb the tour, so it is wise not to buy it. Let’s say to children, “I will buy it at the end.”

When entering the entrance and turning to the left at the end, facilities that introduce the school “Terakoya” of the Edo era, souvenir shops and food shops are lining up. It would be nice to have a sweet sweet with rice crackers and dumplings. Recommended for those with a child, it is a costume for the ninja. Many children are running around in the village in the form of a ninja. It seems that she rents a costume for a ninja. But my child was not shy. Everyone taken with the hearth of the document corner.

Proceeding further, you will see the Fire Tower.

Below that there is a small hut and you can purchase a ninja book of quizzes solving around the village. While unraveling puzzles, you can explore the village. Unfortunately as of January 2018, it seems it has ended … I bought two children for 1000 yen. Children alone can not solve, adults also used their heads. While listening to the other child, I solved it at the end.

Crossing the bridge, you will see an exhibit hut and haunted house on your left. The children were bad at the haunted house, so I could not see it unfortunately.

There was also a haunted house of a cat. Is it cute? I thought that, but it seems scary, unexpectedly, the children do not enter again ….
Next to that, there is a haunted house style facility. (Remembering, there are all haunted houses.) Here, I tried to enter the meaning.
Unfortunately, because it was impossible to shoot, it is an image diagram.
The ghosts like old-fashioned moving toys, the son of elementary school third year is quite impressive. I wonder if my 4 – year – old son is also interested and willing to cry? Anxiety like blows away. However, it may be tough if it is a child scared of darkness.

The show  “Sarutobi Sasuke: The secret of Masayuki’s wills”

The village follows the left hand.
I thought of seeing the “Sarutobi Sasuke: secret of Masayuki’s wills” on the show,
There were plenty of people other than those, but I could not see them nearby. Sarutobi Sasuke is a ninja. Since there was an announcement that the show “can be seen from the stairs in the back”, I was climbing. The ninja flew off from the high turret, ran over from the building on the other side with a rope, was a fun drama with quite impressive power and humor. It seems that he watched the first child gladly wants to see it near, and entered the crowd alone, looking at the front row. (I’d like to say I’m not a girl at first) …

The innermost building of the village is Kakuro Katakura House, a museum that introduces the culture of the Edo period. There is an introduction that Japanese people in the Edo period had lived this life. I wore a helmet and photographed on a horse.

After all, we decided to drop by a souvenir shop.
Purchase a ninja set. A few years ago Togaku Ninja Village was raised as Deja Boo.

Lastly, photography with a samurai.

Did they have a good opportunity to have children live their life in the past? I think it was Iga village.
Children in Hokkaido are not likely to have a chance to readily.

By the way, why is the name Date village, it is derived from Date City next door to Noboribetsu. The city of Date is said to have remained as the name of the city because descendants of Masamune Date went to Hokkaido to explore the Sendai clan.