Hokkaido’s entrance New Chitose Airport. Tourist attractions


Hokkaido’s entrance New Chitose Airport

When you go to Hokkaido, transportation is almost an airplane.
There were 24 million people visiting Hokkaido by airplane in 2018.
80% of them are flying by air. It is almost an airplane from overseas.

We will introduce New Chitose Airport, the entrance of Hokkaido, starting from the gate of international flights.

International Arrival Gate

This is the arrival point of international flights.
Guests on the tour should meet the guide here.

The arrival floor is on the second floor.

If you move by bus after this, proceed to the right.
If you change trains or domestic flights, proceed straight.

Bus Stop

The bus station has just got off to the first floor with an escalator.
Groups and tourists were waiting a lot.

The second floor communication passage

Moving straight ahead from the arrival gate, a moving walk is waiting.

It is a thankful consideration for a body tired from sitting long.
On both sides of the aisle there are steiff stuffed life-size stuffed toys all the time.
It is too refreshing as a greeting, you may be surprised.

When the passage ends, it becomes the floor of Hokkaido souvenir. The right side is the sweet center, the left side is the fresh food center floor.

Travel by Train JR New Chitose Airport Station

The station is on the 1st basement floor.
Normally, about 1 in 15 minutes, a quick train to Sapporo and Otaru called quick airport is on so you can get on at once. If there are a lot of arrival flights, there are many things that you can not sit, so why do not you want to sit by the seat should take a reserved seat called U seat. Or you should wait one.
It is less than an hour to Sapporo.

3rd floor Smile Road

On the way back, memories on the third floor Smile Road …

The 3rd floor of the communication passage leading to the international flight is a theme space called Smile Road. ROYCE, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Hokkaido and Japan are proud of brands and characters theme. If you have enough time to board, I think it is good to play here.

However, …
The boarding gate of the international flight, the departure examination is considerably crowded, and it is dangerous unless it has a considerable margin. Please go early to the gate.

The entrance of Hokkaido, New Chitose Airport itself is also very fun.
It is a place representative of Hokkaido ….