Sapporo Snow Festival in The community dome, Tsudome

Speaking of the Sapporo Snow Festival, the snow statue of Sapporo Odori Park is famous.

But if you enjoy the family, this is recommended.

It is a venue.

The theme is playing in snow

Playing in the snow will be the main at the venue.

You can enjoy sledge, rubber boat, ice slide.

As children prepare for playing in the snow, please go with complete defense.

It’s an image of skiing and snowboarding. Boots, gloves, hats are mandatory.

What kind of snow play are there?

Ice slide

About 10 m long. Because it is a crane, it’s quite fast. It was a weekday evening, so many slips. The number of waiters is about five people.

It is the feeling that the elementary school students in the neighbor came after school. It lands on the snow, so it is safe. There were too few people on the way and one of the two was closed.

Tube warp and slider

Follow the tire tube and run down a slope of about 20 meters. It is a good exercise to climb the stairs with the warp of the tube yourself.

Children are safe because many people and sister will help you. Even kindergartens and nursery school kids can slide steadily. There was also a slider beside that with a small handle with sled. Here I needed a sense of balance, the little child was struggling. It is for elementary school students.

Other than that‥?

There is a snow craft which pulls a rubber boat with a snowmobile. When taking a picture we take a commemorative photo.

I feel that it was slightly expensive, but purchased in commemoration.

Last year, in collaboration with Doraemon, there was a maze.

In addition, we have gourmet event in dome.

Worried access?

There is a shuttle bus from subway Sakae station. One way 100 yen. Elementary school students and under are free.

I want to go by car! Those who are interested are nearby Aeon parking lot.

People who do not use Aeon can also use it for 1 hour free, then 200 yen for 30 minutes. Please note that maximum fee is not applied on the event day.

If you shop in Aeon, it’s free for 3 hours so you can buy something later.

Can you access from the airport?

Our house was directly accessed from the airport. I got on the final shuttle bus, I enjoyed it.

It is such a schedule. This is the best line. I can not recommend it, but for your reference.

13: 45 I arrived at New Chitose Airport and moved by bus to Toyota rent-a-car which I had reserved.

14:30 I got into the car and departed. Shall we stop? I was worried, but I decided to face it.

Arrived at 15:30 Aeon. I change clothes quickly and head for the shuttle bus stop.

16:00 Sliding into the final shuttle bus.

As expected it was just too bad.

However, I was able to enjoy it thanks to vacation for about two hours.

If you arrive in the morning, you can enjoy it on a schedule with plenty of time.

What is the recommended date and time?

As always we recommend weekday. Since the venue is doing before the main street snow festival begins,

This time is the best. Furthermore, it was vacant in the evening.

Almost none of them were lined up, and I could play about every attraction about 5 times.

I also asked the staff, but on Saturdays and Sundays it is a long line. If you enjoy the attraction, this date is the best.

However, it is not a fun day for gourmet events, so participation is good from around noon on weekdays to enjoy this as well.

Finally, be ready for the cold!

It is cold. Do not lick Hokkaido. Children may move as they move around, but adults are cold anyhow.

Please go out with thorough preparation.


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